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Providing a specialist, bespoke service to your school

As a former teacher I greatly appreciate that, as well as the incredibly fulfilling nature of teaching, teachers and schools can be under immense pressures.

One of the ongoing pressures that I have often seen arises from those times when teachers, in the midst of working with a class of 30 students, notice a student (or students) struggling with some profound personal difficulties.  The nature of some of these difficulties can mean that, despite having their students’ best interests at heart, teachers simply do not have the time to support these students in the way that they wish they could.

As a trained Child & Adolescent Therapist, not only can I provide those students with much-needed time and space, I can also provide professional, specialist therapeutic support facilitating these students to work through their current difficulties enabling them to better access their classroom learning.  Without breaking client confidentiality (session content cannot be discussed), I can also provide support to teachers and parents, helping them to help their students/sons/daughters.

 What I can offer schools

  • I work in both primary and secondary schools
  • I will work flexibly with you to provide a professional, bespoke school counselling service that addresses the unique needs of your school and your students
  • I can work with a single student or a range of students timetabled on a half or full day basis
  • I will provide a consistent, weekly, safe and non-judgemental therapeutic space
  • Younger clients will experience Play Therapy – using, for example, sand, toys, paints, clay and puppets – to play through their troubles in much the same way as adolescents and adults might talk through their problems
  • I will work within your school and work according to your school policies, especially with safeguarding in mind
  • I can provide outcome data enabling you to assess effectiveness of the counselling service

Thinking about budgeting

Costs of individual sessions or the half/full day fee will be discussed in more detail once the needs of your school are better understood.  However, below are the average number of sessions generally required to help give you a preliminary idea of the kind of time that may need to be invested in therapy:

  • Mild difficulties – 10-12 sessions
  • Moderate difficulties – 15-32 sessions
  • Severe difficulties > 1 year

 What next?

If you would like to further explore how I can help support you and your students, please call or e-mail (details above) to arrange an initial no-fee consultation.  During this meeting we can consider the number of students you are currently thinking may benefit from therapy whilst enabling me to understand their specific therapeutic needs.  Based on this meeting I will be able to develop a timetable for the work required and provide a quote for the fees involved.

 Or … I can be a trusted point of contact

If adopting an in-house school counselling service is not right for your school, individual students that you have concerns about can be referred to me at the Craven Clinic, Skipton (  I can be contacted by students (if they are over 16 years old), their parents or you via e-mail or mobile (details above) to further discuss how I can help in this way.

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