For Young People – FAQs

What happens in therapy?

Therapy will serve as a way for you to gain a better, more confident, self-understanding so that you will be able to figure out new ways of thinking about and approaching any struggles you might be currently experiencing.

This deepening of self-understanding occurs by exploring your experiences, thoughts, feelings and memories. You will direct the content of discussions during sessions, choosing what is most important to you at the time to work on.  I will be there to support you through these discussions enabling you to reach a greater self-awareness.  In this way, new solutions can be found to, sometimes very long-standing, problems.

Will you tell anybody anything about me or what I say?

What is discussed in your therapy sessions remains confidential between us.  The only time I would need to discuss information from sessions with anyone else is if I was concerned about the safety of either you or someone else.  If I felt I did need to break confidentiality, I would let you know first so we could think about it together.

How often do I have to come?

Sessions last 50 minutes and are usually held weekly – in the same place and at the same time on the same day.

How long will therapy last?

Therapy can be quite brief – lasting 10 to 12 sessions, sometimes fewer – or it can be needed for up to, or over, a year.  Everyone who attends therapy has very different needs.  We will talk about your specific needs when we first meet, think about setting some goals/hopes for therapy and can also discuss how long might seem appropriate for you to attend.

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